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Vision, Mission & Values


Every blind child should be provided equal opportunity to grow like any other child. Their education, character building and physical mental growth should be our responsibility.


We shall provide enough opportunity to every blind student to educate, grow wisely and confidently to face the untoward situations of life; they should be techno friendly, well versed to meet with the hard challenges of life and we shall put all our efforts for their good healthy living in future.To pat our vision above in action.




through embracing diversity, driving inclusion, treating visually impaired people with kindness, fostering a culture of empathy and empowerment, and believing in their potential.

Learning and sharing 

giving access to opportunities, building skills and investing in  visually impaired people’s development.


being open, honest and genuine, and inspiring trust among all stakeholders.

Leading the change

 adopting technological and other changes without any hesitation and confusion.